Friday, May 9, 2008

Sarasota Hobbit Day 7 -The Big One

I just went and sat in the empty theatre for a few moments. There is a magic found in that kind of space which has nothing to do with wizards or all-powerful rings. It's funny, but one of the most thrilling moments in seeing a piece of theatre is the few seconds between when the house lights go down and the curtains come up. We've all seen wonderful performances and we've all seen performances to which I wouldn't take a brain-dead slug, but in those few moments, anything is possible. It's like Christmas morning when you're sitting in front of the tree looking at the unopened presents. The excitement is palpable.
So tonight is opening night. Hurrah! It has been a busy week, but so great, as the composer, to be more involved. I so often get asked to sit at the back, but I feel I was really able to offer some assistance here. I love EVERY aspect of the theatre (ok, maybe not fund-raising...) and so sitting in on acting coachings, working with Barney and Fred on Gollum and being a part of the production meetings has been great.
I'll try and post some photos from the show tomorrow and that will be my last entry for Sarasota Opera. I head back to Toronto on Sunday and as much as I have loved my stay here, I can't wait to get home to my own beautiful Elf Maiden, Julia, my little hobbit Blythe and my two wargs Felix and Annie.
Here is a photo of the beautiful 1200 seat theatre (sold out for tonight, I might add!!!) and a shot of the unlit stage.

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